A Love for Japanese Ramen?

Shinsengumi - Hakata Ramen

Shinsengumi - Hakata Ramen

Hello everyone!

Do you have a love for ramen, the Japanese noodles? Or are you an adventurous foodie who likes to try out new food items every now and then? Well, I might have some good news for you because there is this Japanese ramen place that I would like you to try it out if you have a ramen-crave!

Before I start, I would like to state that I get absolutely no compensations for mentioning or reviewing this restaurant. Everything below is fully my opinion.

Alright, with that out of the way, I want to tell you guys today about a Japanese noodle place called “Shin-sen-gumi.” You may or may not have heard of it, but I just want to let you know that their Hakata Ramen is awesome. Not only that, you can satisfy your endless craving for ramen with their available service for additional noodles. Basically, you can keep ordering additional noodles as much as you want until you are full and finally satisfied. Crazy huh? Of course, they will charge you for the additional portions of noodles, but they are only $1 per additional servings! Trust me, their soup base is so good and flavorful, you can have a few additional servings of noodles, and it is still good! Not only that, the servers there are kind enough to provide you with additional soup base if you needed!

To give you a little better understanding of what “Hakata ramen” is, it’s basically ramen served in white pork-bone soup that have been cooked for a very long-time. Therefore, the soup is supposedly to be very nutritious and flavorful since it has been cooked for a very long time. So imagine that. Then again, I think it’s better you go try it out than having me explaining in-depth of how it taste like.

In addition to their awesome and tasty ramen, the servers there are very nice and atmosphere is actually very Japanese-cultured. The servers actually speak Japanese, and English of course, and they speak Japanese to each others. Their uniforms, the chefs, and the style of the dishes served on are very cultured too. In all, it kind of give you a “little Japan” feel when you dine in there.

However, there are some bad thing about this place – the very long lines. The place itself is not very big as it is, so most likely there will a long line of people waiting to satisfy their ramen cravings. Other than that, it is somewhat “hidden” inside this plaza, so you will have to explore around a bit to find it.

Shinsengumi's Takoyaki

Shinsengumi's Takoyaki

Also, did I mention that they have some awesome side dishes other than their famous Hakata Ramen? I have tried a few of them, and trust me; they are good! Go check out their official site if you like by click here.

So, that’s my opinion about this place. Now it’s up to you to decide to try it out or not! Let me know what you think in the comment area below!


Breaking Gaming Habits

(Resuming from my previous post: Gaming Habits)

In my last post, I talked about the pros and cons of gaming. Mainly the fun and the loss of time.

So I want to ask you: “What is the purpose of your gaming endeavors?” and “What are your pros and cons?”

As for me,
I think we can all agree that gaming does provide excitement, bonding, and stress relieving, but concurrently, it can keep us distracted and lose our precious time of more important things that may need our attention.

Opportunities come and go.
That is life.
We always play with opportunity costs.
We just can’t have everything although we try at times.

Then our life comes to a juggle and investment of our values. In what we value more, we invest more time in.
And if we have no control over the things we value, then we become enslaved by it.
That’s the catch: Control vs. Enslavement

Often when we are having the time of our lives in this one game, we just can’t let it down. We are totally absorbed. It is hard to come back to reality. Maybe a few more minutes would not be too bad.
However, that drags onto more minutes and then an hour and so on. The very next day might not be too different.

So how do we control ourselves at those crucial moments?


1) Press pause
2) Save if you can right away.
3) Try turning off the TV for at least a minute.
4) Go to the restroom. If you don’t need to or after restroom break, do a 10-minute stretch (your back, arms, legs, waist, neck)
5) Go talk to someone and don’t bring up any topic of games.
6) Try starting your homework or readings for class for at least a minute. However, try to stay off the internet. Try staying offline.
7) Go turn off your phone
8) Close your eyes and think what is the most important and urgent task to take care of.
9) Now go do it!
10) Record your results on a MS Word, email draft, or a notebook then keep comparing your results each time you implement this quick procedure.

Now on to deal with your fluctuating motivation:

Motivation is hard to maintain unless it is really urgent or really important or both.
Inspiration only lasts for some time unless continually acted upon.
Devotion is worthless unless there is consistency, commitment and integrity.
Passion must stem from all three (above).

These 4 aspects must be growing together steadily to achieve something great.
When one of them are down, it starts to bring all of them down. It’s hard. Very hard to be consistently growing.

We tend to say that we have this roller-coaster effect in our lives with our ups and downs.
But I say that the roller-coaster should not dip lower than it was in the beginning.
Sure, we can have downs, but to really plunge like the roller-coaster hitting the ground…is paying up a huge cost.

We learn from our failures, but most of the time we don’t take action concerning it.
The lessons we learned have not proven itself if it has not been implemented to action.
Otherwise, it is just fleeting knowledge, hoping that someday you will remember it at the right time.

So take care of the failure before it haunts again. A problem left behind is still unresolved. Temporarily forgotten. And that’s not helpful.
If the procedure I recommended does not work, adjust it to your settings that works best.

Note: You may have to come to a point where you must destroy your character you have been working so hard on, delete all files pertaining to the games, physically destroy the game, completely stay away from any talk or view of games, and/or even reduce the time spent with friends that are habitual gamers.

A big cost now in the short-term can be a huge profit in the long-term.

List down all your most crucial goals and ultimate purpose in life.
Then keep thinking about them everyday. Spend more time with them. Value them.

That is the first step of control:
– being able to get rid of games, once and for all.

Don’t regret it because you will realize you have gained something much greater.

A Changing Classroom: The Tenacity of Tech

What are the unvarying trends of technology that have influenced the design and engineering of every single man-made instrument from the inception of the wheel unto now? Make it lighter, more powerful, and more efficient. However one wishes to define what ‘light’, ‘power’, and ‘efficient’ mean, the end result is always a product or system with more capability and a lighter/smaller form factor or carbon footprint.

Today, these trends are extremely self-evident: in a few years, the cell-phone has morphed from a gargantuan voice device into a tiny mobile computer; the television, from a black and white behemoth to a paper thin, 3-dimensional, internet connected centerpiece. That which makes the field of technology so exciting also renders it extremely uncertain – dare I say, fearful. May our never ending quests for higher resolution, depth, and interactivity construct a vile world as seen in the movie Gamer (caution on the link, content is for a mature audience), were the Sims become reality and our lusts paramount? Given our current technological circumstances, this fear seems fitting. For now, these sociotechnological questions remain speculation and our focus can fall upon what physical devices best satisfy our needs.

Apple unveiled the iPad 3, or iPad HD – the next iteration of the iPad – today. So, I thought I would address the product. The iPad is revolutionizing the way we consume and create content – look around, its revolution. For us college kids, the tablet (which is the device category that the iPad falls under) should be seen as a blessing – no physical books, a lighter form factor than laptops, and insane mobility coupled with applications that add tremendous value to even the most elementary of activities (“Draw Something” is such a blast). Since the introduction of the App store, I believe that the sophistication of applications will dictate the mainstream adoption of mobile devices. So far, this hypothesis remains (see Apple’s company revenue records in Q4 of 2011).

That’s fine, but what does this mean for college students? It means that very soon, you will be using a tablet as your primary computing device – a hybrid tablet, actually.

BLASHPEMY, you shout! It’s cool, but all I ask you to do is look at the trends: Windows 8 is set to redefine the “PC experience” by unifying the mobile and desktop experiences into one; BGRs review of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview talks about it. Furthermore, it was made known recently that Apple had tried to port Mac OS onto ARM architecture for many years (see the Guardian’s post) and the latest iteration of Mac OS is simpler – iOSish. Also, let us not forget the elephant in the room: cloud computing. I had written about cloud gaming saving us money a couple of weeks ago and the same attributes carry over: lower cost, increased capability, decreased power requirements – to name a few. Think of the cloud as back-end infrastructure which makes the tablet lighter, more powerful, and more efficient (see the trend?).

Soon, we will be able to accomplish any PC/Mac based task on a mobile device. In fact, CNET gave a great intro discussion on the coming dominance of the iPad yesterday. In the discussion, Crothers spoke of OnLive Desktop, a cloud-based application that can run Windows Office Applications on the iPad, as an example of the benefits of cloud computing – sophisticated, yes?

So, what is the college student to do? Well, having used the iPad as a laptop replacement for about six months now, I find that it works very well. I use Keynote to construct presentations and to type notes on slides during lecture, Pages is my app of choice for term papers, and there are many PDF-readers and textbook apps available for reading material. However, do to the architecture of iOS (and Android, as well), integration is non-existent, so I constantly use my PC to transition content between applications (uploading issues, prominently). This is the nature of iOS and Android – a nature that will change in the near future, as discussed above.

Therefore, I recommend that you do not use a tablet as your main computing device to-date, as the operating system software is not sophisticated enough to accomplish simple integrated tasks. However, if you have an old laptop lying around somewhere, I would highly recommend that your next purchase be a tablet and that you reference the laptop those 5% of times when you encounter an integration roadblock

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Post away!

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Outdoor Recreation

What better method to living healthy and getting away from the house than outdoor recreational activities? Although Riverside County might seem small in size, there are numerous opportunities for us to remain active outdoors.


Box Spring Mountain (aka “The C”) is a prominent symbol of UC Riverside and the city itself. “C” standing for California, represents a symbol for the University of California system. Other UC’s have their own similar versions of the C, but UC Riverside’s is the tallest of them all. For those into challenges and outdoor exercise, there are trails located on the sides of the mountain that lead to the top. The hike takes approximately two hours depending on speed and includes expansive views of the city as you go higher. Overall, this hike is a good source of exercise and endurance.


Ever wondered if Riverside County had a body of water [other than a swimming pool] to visit? Less than fifteen minutes away from UCR campus in Moreno Valley, Lake Perris has become a convenient location for outdoor recreation. Whether you are looking to bike ride, hike, run, boat ride, jet ski, enjoy the sun, bbq/drink with close friends, simply chill, etc. this is the place to go. The scenery is beautiful to look at and is a peaceful site to relax and enjoy a sunny day with good company.


Looking to explore more of Riverside? Mt. Rubidoux is another convenient spot to enjoy the outdoors. Located just passed downtown Riverside via Mission Inn Ave., this place is a historic milestone of Riverside. There are dirt hiking trails that lead up the mountain and a recreational park, which is a good place for running, bicycling, jogging, etc. The different trails depend on what level of difficulty you are willing to take in. In addition, Mt. Rubidoux is famous for the location of Easter Sunrise services and landmarks such as the Mt. Rubidoux Cross, World Peace Bridge, and memorials.

These are just three locations to say the least, but I am sure there are plenty of other enjoyable outdoor activities.

You should always remember to pack plenty water, light snacks, comfortable endurance shoes, and perhaps a camera for memories. The best part is all three of these places are FREE to the public so why not get out and enjoy what this city [Riverside] has to offer! 😀